Yanada Retreat

As someone who is familiar with the beautiful Yanada Retreat Centre, Lewis and Curt wanted to let you know about an amazing and rare opportunity.

Now the time has come for Lewis & Curt to hand over Yanada’s custodianship, as we move towards semi-retirement and relocate south. We have decided to first implement a ‘soft’ sale. This means we are contacting people who already know the magic of what Yanada offers, to see if there is any interest out there to purchase and continue running Yanada as a successful retreat centre.

As you know Yanada is an idyllic bush retreat on 38 acres, nestled in the  glorious green McDonald  valley between the Gunanday River and the Yengo National Park, yet only 90 minutes from Sydney CBD.

For the last 11 years we have transformed what was a simple 4 bedroom country home, into a stunning retreat centre. Yanada now boasts:

  • An established and well regarded retreat centre, fully booked throughout the year and 8 months in advance,
  • Over 400 sq m of floor space in the main building,
  • 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms,
  • 90 sq m group hall with multi media, yoga and mediation equipment,
  • Massage room / 7th bedroom,
  • Levelled powered spaces for glamping
  • 15m swimming pool and pavilion,
  • 10 person Hydrotherapy spa,
  • New fully equipped Retreat Kitchen,
  • 90 sq m dining and living space,
  • Seperate self-contained manager’s unit,
  • Yoga Terrace and Fire pit,
  • Private 2km circular bush walk, perfect for mindful walking,
  • Extensive Landscaping,
  • Sustainable and Resilient infrastructure including;
    – Grid – solar – back up generator electricity
    – Starlink mesh wi-fi
    – 2 water sources, 240,000 litre emergency storage
    – Grey water irrigation

Our dream is for someone to purchase, build upon and continue to operate Yanada as a retreat centre and we would love to work with the right person or group to help make that transition as seamless as possible. The property and buisness has been valued at above $3m.

Property and Land

Valuation District HAWKESBURY Property Number 2890946

Description of land (Lot/Section/Plan) 1/1037508, Subject to Various Easements 

There is a legal vehicular easement to the river across our neighbours land to service a water pipe and pump. Pumping water up from the river is legal. There is also direct access to the river across Crown Land. 

The land is 15.37 hectares (approx 38 acres) with 1.3 km boundary and 2 street frontages. 

Cleared land is approx 11 acres with the area comprising driveway, main building, shed and pool being about 5 acres with another 6 acres cleared and unused to the east (right hand side) of the street entrance. This land has a driveway up to it and a vehicular accessible fire trail access road to the ridge line. There is an existing approval for stables on this land. See NP plan provided. 

The land is zoned C4 Environmental Living under Hawkesbury LEP.  STRA (short term rental accommodation) is an exempt and registered use (Property ID PID-STRA-3903). Other permissible uses include Camping grounds; Caravan parks; Eco-tourist facilities; Tourist and visitor accommodation. 

Built in 2004 by local Master Builder Paul Robinson, Yanada (‘Moon’ in Dharug and Darkinjung) has two 95 sq. m spaces over two levels each fully surrounded by deep verandahs, Each space can be open on three sides with views over the valley and Gunanday River. There are external stairs from the living level down to a mid level hydrotherapy spa and a yoga terrace, pond and fire pit at ground level. The buildings are 23m above the 1:100 flood line and do not flood. 

Paul Robinson has moved but his brother Mark still lives in the valley and is available for any repairs or extensions. He helped build the house so knows where things are. 

The 15m x 5 m swimming pool was constructed in 2014. More details below. 

A 6 x 8 metre shed provides additional parking, plenty of storage space and room for a workshop.

The rear of the shed has been converted into a 6 x 8 metre + WIR = 55 sq m guest self contained unit / managers residence. This includes a kitchen and bathroom. It could accommodate 6 beds if the new owner wanted to move into the master ensuite in the house. 

There is also levelled land above the shed, with mains power, accommodating a geometric dome (chattel) for additional (facilitators?) accommodation and magnificent views. This whole area is contained with new sandstone block retaining walls and beautifully landscaped with an access way down to the river. 

Please contact us to arrange a visit and for any further information you may want.


Water and Irrigation

There is an in-ground concrete 110,000 litre water tank which pumps up to another 20,000 litre storage tanks that supplies fresh water by gravity to the house and shed. 

There is another 20,000 litre tank for river water storage, used for irrigation and as an additional water store. The fresh water tank automatically fills the river tank when it is full to prevent any wastage. Both tanks have fire hose connection points. 

For RFS use the swimming pool holds another 100,000 litres and the spa holds 10,000 litres. This totals a readily accessible water supply of 260,000 in addition to direct access to river water. Suction pipes and fire hoses are available as part of the chattel. 

The Envirocycle aerated septic system is useable with sprinklers or (currently) underground water feed to non-native planting. The pressure on the septic system has been considerably reduced in recent years with the installation of a grey water diversion system from the laundry and two bathrooms. 

Extensive irrigation underground piping and above ground drip systems has been installed, throughout the property using river tank water. Much of this is automatically controlled with a bHyve internet based watering system, using local rainfall data to control watering. 

The 15m x 5m pool incorporates a salt chlorinator, automatic water filler and jet vac that requires minimal maintenance. There is plumbing alredy set up ready for solar heating and enough power to run a heat pump. Three layers of drainage above the pool prevents inundation from the hillside during storm events. Both water supply systems are available at the pool; either river or tank water. 


Yanada is supplied by 3 phase grid power. A 5 kW solar array and inverter is installed which reduces electricity bills by between 30% and 50%. There is capacity to significantly increase this solar array and install batteries. 

A 2 phase switched 50amp generator plug in set up. This provides back up power to the entire property, except the main house air-con. Currently we use a Honda 120i petrol generator, available as part of the chattel. 


Telstra ADSL and Landline is still connected to the property and is functional. Phone and electrical lines come underground so no poles are visable. This can be removed once mobile services are established in the coming year. Once removed ADSL will not be reinstalled by Telstra. 

Super High speed Starlink internet has also been installed with routers and repeaters providing a stable wifi mesh throughout the property. This is available as part of the chattel. 


Fire Upgrades undertaken in accordance with BCA requirements for a single use Class 3 building; ie  hard-wired interlinked smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. Bush Fire Plan and Isolation plans in place. UHF base station installed as part of community resilience. 


5 x twin rooms and 1 x 60 sq m room with ensuite and WIR. Could be used as owners / managers residence. Massage room can also accommodate 2 beds.

Managers Studio and Geodome

55 sq m self contained accommodation, including kitchen and bathroom. Can be used as additional accommodation separate residence or seperate airbnb accommodation. Direct access to river.

Business Sale

A Business Valuation has been prepared and can be provided upon request. This values the business at $302,784

The sale of the business is of course open to discussion and negotiation as to exactly what you want to purchase. It includes:

Property Name: Yanada

Entity Name: Yanada Retreat (listed with ASIC)

Company Name: Yanada Pty Ltd ABN 18 639 383 547 

Note that there are currently 3 entities under Yanada Pty Ltd. We would need to extract 2 entries from it if you buy the company not just the ASIC listed entity. 

Yanada Retreat (ASIC listing) includes:

  • Mailing List 770 (csv file of names, email addresses)
  • Instagram 1216 followers 
  • Facebook Page
  • Bookings 247 and Update 247 booking system – including all past and future booking details
  • All future booking payments provided at time of sale
  • Vbro (Stayz) listing 
  • Airbnb Premium Host listing 
  • Various other retreat and tourism listings including Tourism Australia, NSW and Hawkesbury
  • Registered STRA (short term rental accommodation) Property ID PID-STRA-3903
  • Logos

Income and Expenses

Any figures here are detailed in the formal business plan and contracts.

Income since 2020

Financial Years and Calendar Years 2023 and 2024 (bookings to date)


FY 2021


FY 2022 (Covid)


FY 2023


FY 2024



CY 2023


CY 2024 – so far



Calendar year detail 2023


  1. We only take weekend bookings generally and don’t advertise so there is plenty of scope to expand
  2. NDIS careers retreats are a good and untapped source of potential weekday income.
  3. The business plan estimates a potential additional income of $100,000 available through mid-week bookings, add-ons (massage etc), and self-run retreats.
  4. 2021 – 23 figures were impacted by COVID and weather events.

Expenses associated with the property are listed above.

Group Hall

90 sq m, can accommodate 20.


Flat land with underground drainage and power for tents or other temporary structures


We have a list of all chattel items that we would be happy to sell at the same time as the property, including furniture, linen, kitchen equipment, farm equipment etc. This can be discussed on an item by item basis as required.